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Is this official?

No. This site is not run by Stress Level Zero. This way of getting mods to show up ingame is built into the game for us to use though!

Will this mess with potential official mod repositories?

No! This should run just fine alongside future official mod repositories. The game is set up to handle multiple mod repositories at the same time!

Is this safe?

It only contains links to in a format the game can read. runs a virus check for every mod - so it should be safe.

But how does it work?

My code regularily scans through all mods and adds the links to them to the repository. The repository is a big file which contains a list of all mods and their download locations.

Why is a mod not showing up ingame?

This could be for multiple reasons. First, see if its listed on the Errors page. This page lists mods which are uploaded in a format incompatible with Bonelabs built in mod downloader. The other option is that it might not have been scanned yet - look at the "Last update" time at the top to see when was last scanned.

I can't download a mod ingame.

This repo tries to scan for obvious issues in the mod format - but its not perfect. Sometims there might be mods which are still in some way broken.