Layout for mod files

Bonelab requires mods in a certain file structure, so it can install them from ingame, which this repo also relies on:

  • The mod needs to be split into one zip file uploaded per pallet, and seperated by one for quest and one for PC
  • The mod files need to have the platform tag on set to windows for PCVR and android or oculus for Quest.
  • The mod needs to use a widespread ZIP compression method (exact details to be determined)
  • The mods quest and PCVR version are updated at roughly the same time.

The folder structure expected by this mod repo and by Bonelab itself:
└── SLZ.DuckSeason/
    ├── pallet.json
    ├── catalog_SLZ.DuckSeason.hash
    ├── catalog_SLZ.DuckSeason.json
    ├── duckseason_avatars_assets_avatar/
    │    ├── duckseasondavid.bundle
    │    └── duckseasonmom.bundle
    └── duckseason_avatars_assets_previewmesh/
        ├── duckseasondavid.bundle
        └── duckseasonmom.bundle