Using the Developer Mode to install


  1. First, you need to enable Developer Mode in Bonelab
    • Go to Mods
    • Click on Settings
    • Click on "Disabled" button next to "Developer Mode"
    • Click on the new "Confirm" button which shows up.
    • Write down the port number which it shows.
  2. Besides the port, we also need to find the Quest's IP address.
    • Open your Settings
    • Click on Wi-Fi
    • Click on your connected Network
    • Scroll down and expand "Advanced Settings"
    • Scroll down to "Ip address" and write the address down somewhere.
    Here is a Youtube video which shows how to do this.
  3. Continue with one of the following:
  4. Get the following "Simple WebSocket Client" Extension: Chrome/Edge/Brave/Vivaldi or Firefox
  5. Open the extension by clicking on the icon.
  6. You will need the ip_address and the port from the earlier steps.
  7. In the URL field of the extension, enter: ws://ip_address:port/console
  8. Press "Open" and wait for the Status to be "OPENED". If this doesn't work you might have the wrong IP.
  9. Make sure the game is running, focused and that no menus are open on the quest!
  10. In the "Request" field enter: repo.add and press Send
  11. If you want NSFW mods too, enter repo.add and press Send again.
  12. You might have to restart the game before the repository shows up the first time.