Quest Sideloading using Android

  1. For these install instructions you will need to sideload a file explorer like CX file explorer.
  2. Download CX File Explorer on your Android Phone
  3. Follow this video to sideload CX file explorer from your Android. At the crucial steps make sure to select CX file explorer
  4. Using the CX file explorer, navigate to
    Android > data > com.StressLevelZero.BONELAB > files
    and open the repositories.txt file.
  5. Paste the URL(s) in there. Make sure they are below the other lines and have no extra characters on their line.
  6. Save the file
  7. Restart Bonelab
  8. Go to your mod station in Bonelab, on setting and then "repos".
  9. Make sure the repos show up.

What repositories.txt should look like: